How to deliver your premaster(s) for mastering

Specifications for mastering
When preparing your premaster file(s) make sure to:

- deliver a 24bit WAV or AIF file;
- leave at least -6db of headroom; 
- remove all limiters from the master channel;
- remove all compressors from the master channel (feel free to discuss this with me if you feel it effects the sound too much); 
- check if the audio tail on the end of your track is to your liking (no abrupt cut-offs etc.)
- check if the start of your track has no missing attack;
- listen to your premaster(s) from the front to the back to spot any possible errors.

Optional: feel free to point me to any tracks that you personally think sound amazing and you want your track to sound like. That way I can use them as a reference for your master.

How to deliver your stems for mixing

Specifications for mixing
When preparing your stems for mixing make sure to:

- deliver 24bit WAV or AIF stems of all the separate tracks. Try to group as little as possible;
- deliver the stems as dry as possible (with the least amount of FX like delays, reverbs, compression etc. without it effecting the sound too much);
- bounce any bus sends you've used seperately;
- leave at least -6db of headroom;
- check if the stems have no missing audio tails;
- name every track as descriptive as possible.